Humanity Is Living With Dignity

Our Story

With the vision of a violence-free society, Ewaa is a social sector entity of the Abu Dhabi Government within the Department of Community Development.

We, at the Abu Dhabi Center for Sheltering and Humanitarian Care – Ewaa, help those who carry the burden of violence.

We recognize violence affects victims, their families, and all members of society in the UAE and beyond. In our 360 Model of Care for people living with violence, we consider all aspects of empowerment – safe shelter, rehabilitation services, psychological, and legal support as well as social.

Since 2008, under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Supreme Chair of the Family Development Foundation ‘Mother of the Nation’, we have empowered more than 300 women and children of human trafficking.

We provided refuge and care with the support of local partners and international organizations including law enforcement agencies, embassies, hospitals, other shelters, and worship places. We have helped survivors of violence return to their homeland or relocated to new homelands.

Under the umbrella of the UAE Red Crescent Authority and in cooperation with the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, we influenced policy and awareness for over 12 years, and in 2020 our mandate expanded to various forms of violence and abuse.

Our Slogan

Humanity is Living with Dignity

Our Vision

A community that empowers and protects its members from the risk of violence.

Our Mission

Contributes to building a cohesive society that embraces its members and changes perceptions towards violence by providing leading care, rehabilitation, and empowerment.

Our Goals

To provide the foremost integrated and sustainable services for impact.

To increase awareness about violence and its effect on society.

To establish local, regional, and international partnerships towards reducing violence.

To develop research studies to influence laws and regulations towards combating violence.

To facilitate innovation and learning for improved capacity and capability.

To adopt continuous improvement in the way we operate.

360° Model Of Care

At Ewaa, our 360 Model of Care addresses the cycle of violence in our society. Our model brings together in the short term, direct care to people who have experienced violence, and in the long term, prevention, and advocacy.

At a micro level, we work directly with people on their journey of healing and empowerment. Through our integrated services, we provide immediate and necessary support such as psychological, rehabilitation and legal aid, and aftercare to help reintegrate victims of violence into society and ensure their long-term wellbeing.

At a macro level, Ewaa’s public awareness efforts bring attention to the prevalence and damage/perils of violence in our communities. In doing so, we join regional and global efforts towards violence prevention – raising the level of awareness and educating the public.

Together, our micro- and macro-level social work helps us with gathering evidence-based data on violence. This in return gives impetus to Ewaa’s advocacy efforts with policymakers and law enforcement agencies.

The Cycle of Violence in Society
Integrated Services That Empower

Our Services

We started our work in the field of violence prevention with a focus on human trafficking. Today, we address the prevalence of various kinds of violence and abuse. Ewaa’s approach is to ensure that any person who has experienced violence receives the necessary support to reintegrate into society.
This approach for all stages of healing and empowerment has earned Ewaa the recognition as one of the leading social sector organizations in the UAE, especially towards supporting victims of human trafficking.
Our services directly benefit people who carry the burden of violence, and we also learn from our experiences to improve mechanisms and advocate for policies to reduce violence in our society.
In line with the UAE’s efforts on the global front to reduce violence, we are guided by this commitment to uphold human dignity and humanitarian values.

People are the ultimate objective and aim of development, as well as the engine and means that drive its efforts.

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi

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