04 September 2014

Winning the battle against human trafficking

Dubai Police recently received a letter of gratitude from the US and Australian authorities for uncovering the identity of a Latin American man wanted on suspicion of being involved in human trafficking and money laundering.

?The man resided in one of the emirates for six months after he managed to change his personal information and enter the country with another passport,? said Maj Gen Khalil Al Mansouri. ?Dubai Police was able to uncover his identity, which led to his arrest in America. The wanted man did not commit any crimes in the UAE.?


Col Shafih said his department focused on three areas of crime: human trafficking, terrorism and money laundering.


?The department studies developments in other countries, especially those neighbouring the UAE that lead to organised crime and loss of innocent people?s lives.?


The UAE?s anti-money laundering law is in the process of being amended, said Col Shafih, adding that Dubai Police had made suggestions based on developments around the world.


?Amendments to the law?s articles were discussed in the national council and some of the most important were the inclusion of alcohol and drug dealing as part of money-laundering crimes. Also included was the expansion of the police?s jurisdiction pertaining to money laundering alongside the central bank.?


Col Shafih said that tightening laws and imposing tougher penalties had contributed to the reduction of such crimes.

?Money laundering is a transnational crime and requires international efforts to curb it amid a lack of stability in the region.?