27 July 2016

vDubai Police Join Awareness Campaign on Human Trafficking Crimes

Dr. Al-Ghafli said that the campaign comes as part of the NCCHT?s strategy to raise public awareness about human trafficking crimes and promote awareness among nationals and expatriates from all nationalities about the risks associated with this kind of crimes and how to protect themselves. He also stressed that the Emirati society renounces and fights these inhuman crimes in light of its social values, principles, laws, and regulations, which rebuff such practices against human dignity.

He added that the present focus on national airports, including Dubai International Airports, aims at concentrating more on visitors to the UAE, and communicating the risks associated with this crime to them, as well as the best ways to avoid practices that might constitute an abuse of any kind.

Al-Ghafli pointed out that the campaign focused on informing the visitors about the Federal Law no. 51 of 2006, and its amendments, and offering the victims helplines and points of contact to request any assistance.
Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Morr said that the UAE is one of the leading countries in combating human trafficking crimes by launching a series of campaigns, initiatives, and issuing stringent laws against anyone who inhumanely trades in other human beings. He also valued the NCCHT tireless efforts and effective role in reducing trafficking rates in the UAE in cooperation with other relevant bodies.

He pointed out that the campaign, which is held annually in all Dubai Airport? terminals, aims to promote public awareness on human trafficking crimes in eight languages including Arabic, English, Russian, and URDU.