27 December 2017

UPR Standing Committee holds 19th meeting


 During the meeting, which took place at the ministry?s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the Committee explained the preparations for a discussion session on the UAE?s third national UPR report, which will be held on 22nd January, 2018, at the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The planning of the session reflects the UAE?s desire to strengthen its co-operation with the various human rights systems and mechanisms of the United Nations, UN, especially the UPR, which is a platform for constructive dialogue between countries, to exchange the best national and international practices, expertise and accomplishments in the area of human rights.

The Committee was established on 21st March, 2010, through UAE Cabinet Resolution No.4/51 and 02 of 2010, as an authority that manages the country?s obligations to the UN Human Rights Council.

The Committee is also responsible for monitoring of the country?s UPR and all other human rights issues related to UPR before the Human Rights Council, as well as drafting a national plan on voluntary pledges and the Council?s recommendations, monitoring its implementation, preparing reports required by the council on the UAE?s human rights obligations, co-operating with federal and local authorities in drafting a plan to raise awareness about human rights as part of the UPR, and co-operating with various national authorities to obtain the required information.

The Committee?s members include several federal government authorities and civil society organisations.