30 June 2018

UN adopts UAE Human Rights report


Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Jarman, Assistant Minister for Human Rights and International Law at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC), headed the UAE high-level delegation, which included representatives of several federal government agencies.

He reaffirmed the importance that the United Arab Emirates attached to the Universal Periodic Review and to the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms.

During the third UPR process in January 2018, the UAE received a total of 230 recommendations.

”Out of the 230 recommendations received, the UAE accepted 132, with many of these recommendations already in place,” he affirmed.

Regarding the other recommendations, he said, the UAE will implement them in the next four and half years, adding that many of the recommendations need further consideration.

Al Jarman explained that legislation is currently being set up for a national universal periodic review committee on the basis of the internationally-accepted Paris Principles.

In a statement, Al Jarman affirmed the UAE’s commitment to enhancing the protection of human rights in the country. “The Government was working diligently to improve its human rights record and was adopting best practices in the field,” he added.

He said that the Universal Periodic Review was characterised by positive, constructive dialogue that analysed the human rights record of the United Arab Emirates, and that the review identified the progress made over the past four and a half years.

Commenting on the UAE’s efforts towards the UPR process, Al Jarman explained, “The United Arab Emirates had repeatedly highlighted the importance of the Universal Periodic Review mechanism. The Government had extended invitations to several Special Rapporteurs and was pursuing efforts to combat human trafficking with the establishment of a national committee on the issue.”

“Efforts were also underway to strengthen the rights of migrant workers,” he said, adding that “legislation afforded migrant workers decent work conditions and protected their fundamental rights.”

The Assistant Minister for Human Rights and International Law went on to say that “steady strides” were being made to strengthen women’s rights and empowerment, “with a number of women holding key Government positions.”

“A multi-sector strategy was in place to promote the rights of persons with disabilities. A permanent commission was in place to coordinate the implementation of accepted recommendations,” he added.

Al Jarman reaffirmed that the UAE Government remained “fully committed” to the Universal Periodic Review process.

Obaid Salem Al Zaabi, Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, said the UAE’s commitment to upholding  human rights is supporting efforts aimed at bolstering stability in the region at large by sending a message of hope and tolerance beyond its borders.

Al Zaabi highlighted the progress and achievements made by the UAE  to protect and respect human rights since the second UPR.