24 January 2016

UAE launches awareness campaign to combat human trafficking

The campaign will also convey the NCCHT’s strategy in fighting this crime, communicating details of and amendments to Federal Law 51 (2006), which became effective in early 2015, and advertising helpline numbers for the benefit of informers and victims.


“In the UAE’s nearly-decade-long experience in fighting this crime, we have realized that the more people are aware about what constitutes human trafficking and how it could be avoided, the more effective our counter-trafficking strategy will be,” Dr Anwar added.


According to Dr. Saeed Al Ghafli, Rapporteur for NCCHT, a number of mediums have been chosen to convey the various messages to different sections of the people residing in the country.


For example, newspaper advertisements in English and Arabic are aimed at the general public, as would be hoardings at airports, which will be rolled out soon; radio spots in English, Arabic, Hindi and Tagalog are aimed at prospective victims and traffickers, apart from the public in general; pocket-size booklets, which will be distributed at airports, are in eight languages ? English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Bengali, Russian and Basha Indonesia ? and are meant to support prospective victims; and several short videos on social media would serve as source of information to the international audience about the UAE’s achievements and challenges.


“The NCCHT has also revamped its website to serve as a one-stop source of information on its anti-trafficking strategy since 2006, when Federal Law 51 was operationalized,” Dr. Saeed said.  /WAM