28 February 2017

UAE deeply committed to promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms



Speaking at the 31st session of the UNHRC in Geneva, Dr Gargash said fostering tolerance, social cohesion and human rights were key pillars to achieving stability in the region, countering extremism and promoting prosperity.

 “We are determined to continue our efforts to strengthen the protection of human rights at home and to work constructively within the council to address human rights issues around the world,” he said.

“Our work to strengthen the national protection of human rights is continuing in many areas, and I would like to highlight specific advances that have been made on gender and for children, including girls, and on safeguarding labour protection.

 “The UAE continues to strive to achieve the country?s goal of gender equality. Women are well represented in various UAE political and constitutional institutions, and women continue to prove their merit in these roles.

“Through the opportunities provided, women are participating as equal partners in building a truly remarkable, modern Arab and Muslim society.

“More importantly, the critical role of women in these institutions is widely accepted by all as a key factor in our success.”

 Dr Gargash said that in November the UAE gave reports on implementing the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

He added that finding a political resolution for the crises in Syria, Libya and Yemen was of “paramount importance”.

“The UAE believes we must stand together to address these challenges, and we are working with friends and allies to further alleviate the humanitarian crisis and human rights abuses associated with conflict in our region.”