17 September 2014

UAE and Thailand explore ways to crack down on people traffickers

?These meetings reflect the keenness of the UAE to strengthen international cooperation to eliminate trafficking crimes, which pose a threat to human society. Success in this endeavour is possible only through high-level coordination between countries.?

He added that the memorandum ? if signed ? would ease communication between the UAE and Thailand, ?especially to see what kind of programmes are needed in prosecuting the criminals or finding the victims to try to put an end to the transportation of humans, without the need to access Interpol, which usually takes a long time?.

Representatives of the Royal Thai Police were also present at the talks. Dr Al Ghafli said Indonesia, Nepal and India were among other countries that had received invitations to discuss memorandums.

?They are the source, as we get many workers from these countries,? he said. ?Traffickers plan for such crimes in their home countries and this is why it is important to raise awareness of these issues in both countries.?