27 June 2009

Two jailed for forcing maid into prostitution

The court cited in its verdict that M.A.M., 51, and A.M., 40, had exploited the vulnerability of a victim who fled from her a sponsor, but had no shelter.


She fell into the hands of the accused, who sold her to another person and coerced her subsequently into prostitution.


Earlier, the public prosecution in Abu Dhabi brought the case before the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court, following their confessions to the charges in police and public prosecution investigations.


M.A.M. confessed before the public prosecution that he contacted his friend, the second defendant, to provide girls in return for money.


The second defendant carried out the task when he took the victim from Dubai to Al Ain and handed her over to M.A.M.


They accompanied the victim to Abu Dhabi, where they met another person at a public park. They sold the girl to him. The second defendant confirmed the confessions of his co-accused.


On her part, the victim confessed that she had been sold several times in Dubai until she reached the first and second accused.


She also confessed to having fled from her sponsor to look for a better job, but fell into the hands of people who sold her and coerced her into prostitution in Dubai.


According to police, the first accused had indulged in trafficking in housemaids.


Based on a tipoff, the police mounted a sting operation following which the suspect was arrested.