28 September 2011

The UAE fully committed to the global efforts in countering human trafficking

H.H Said that ?The UAE was the first country in the region to take the initiative of enacting a comprehensive law against human trafficking. It has issued a federal decree in 2006, aimed at countering human trafficking through protecting the communities affected with this horrible crime.?? In recent years it also issued a number of legislations aimed at regulating the recruitment and outsourcing of employment, maintaining the full rights of labourers, fighting all acts of human trafficking, prosecuting individuals involved in it, and ensuring the protection and support for all people affected based on commitments approved in related bilateral and international agreements, which have been signed in order to curb this scourge.? He added.

H.H Sheikh Abdllah Bin Zayed reminded that ?in 2009, the UAE joined the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress, and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially women and children. It also announced in 2010 its full support to the United Nations global plan to combat human trafficking through offering annual donations to the Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children.?
?The UAE constitution guarantees equal rights for both men and women, where women enjoy the same legal status, preserving their own family names and titles, the right to education, and the right of employment, as their male counterparts. The UAE Constitution prohibits any discrimination between women and men in salaries.? He said adding that ?the UAE further joined a number of international conventions on human rights, including the Convention on Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which was signed in 2004. Based on the above reasoning. The UAE sees the importance of supporting international efforts in the field of women’s empowerment. In this context we would like to commend proudly the establishment of the United Nations for Women (UN-WOMEN), and we declare extending a contribution of USD5 million to this newly established organ.?

His highness added that ?the UAE supports international efforts to promote human rights that guarantee all peoples in the world the right to enjoy the freedom to live in peace with security and prosperity. The UAE also believes in the importance of economic development and prosperity for the people of the world enabling them to enjoy their human rights, which the international community has worked vigorously to establish. Therefore, the role played by the UAE in the field of international development, along with its long-standing commitment to eradicate poverty in the world, is at the heart of its foreign policy.