10 March 2015

students collect donations for human trafficking victims

?Embedding the spirit of giving back to the community and improving vulnerable people?s lives are major objectives of Zayed University.

Naeema Faisal, Safa Ahmed and Fatima Mohammed, freshmen students at the College of Business, said: ?We have chosen Ewa?a shelter to create more awareness amongst vulnerable people and safeguard their long-term protection from human trafficking crimes and enhance knowledge on human trafficking crimes.?

?Also the initiative aims to collect donations, which will be allocated to and spent on sewing supplies, swimming or sports tools depending on the amount of contributions we receive,? Naeema, said. 

Under the slogan of ?Humanity is Living with Dignity,? the five-day initiative witnessed great participation on its first day from Zayed University students, who are concerned about human trafficking and its unjust nature.

?We believe that art has an ability to express ideas and feeling that can?t be expressed with words. Art helps victims of human trafficking to regain their confidence and self-esteem, and develop a positive outlook towards life,? Marwa Al Hussainy, media coordinator at Ewa?a shelter, said.

?It is not the first charity initiative conducted by Zayed University to help victims of human trafficking. Many students had earlier raised funds to buy sewing machines and provide victims with key skills to increase their chances of better jobs and boost their confidence and self-esteem,? Al Hussainy said. 

Ewa?a has sheltered over 209 victims since it opened in 2009. Victims are usually referred by the police, embassies, places of worship, a telephone hotline or hospitals.