11 June 2015

Saudi delegation briefed on UAE?s combating human traffickingک

Al Obed went over the Ministry s strategy for 2014-2016 emanating from the UAE 2021 Vision, and briefed the delegation on inspection sector strategies, plans and initiatives completed during the period 2011-2014.


He also reviewed the Ministry?s efforts to fight human trafficking through laws that manage the labour market, in addition to strengthening the Ministry inspectors’ capabilities to assess the risk of human trafficking, increase inspectors’ awareness, and identification through various indicators, plus cooperation with national partners to address and combat such issues on their occurrence.

During the meeting, the attendees enjoyed a short briefing on the smart inspection system, wage protection system, the self-assessment system and other relevant systems.

The delegation thanked the Ministry for all the efforts made by the UAE towards combating human trafficking crimes through pro-active steps adopted by the government, and also praised the policies and initiatives made by the Ministry of Labour which aims to stabilise the market and protect rights in general.

The Ministry of Labour, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, Dubai Foundation for Women and Children and Ewaa Shelters for Women and Children, have gathered information to present to the visiting delegation to highlight experiences in the field of protecting human rights.