07 August 2017

Sara Shuhail: Zayed filled our lives with his Wisdom, Generosity, Loyalty and Humanitarianism


?The late Sheikh Zayed has left behind a state that is based on human investment. He devoted all his attention to education and culture to build a bright future for all. This gave our country its current powerful position in the region and in the world in all domains.? said Shuhail.

She added: ?Our country occupies a grand position as the top donor of development aid worldwide. At Ewaa, we are proud that our shelters are the culmination of the late Sheikh Zayed?s sense of humanity, kind actions and directions, and his deep faith in devotion and generosity.?

Shuhail stressed that history will always remember him as a wise and a humanitarian leader.? ?it?s very rare to find leaders like him in today?s world.? she added.

She pledged to H.H. the President of the UAE that she will ?always remain deeply loyal to this precious country and to its wise leadership, and to walk in the footsteps of the late founding father to create a bright future for future generations.?