13 December 2011

Regional workshop discuss international anti-human trafficking efforts

He referred to the international efforts made to combat and eliminate the problem through issuing of conventions and a series of counter prevention and protection measures. Cooperation and information sharing are among the most effective measures to fight this evil, he further indicated.

The UAE has realized at an early stage the seriousness of this crime. Therefore, it adopted a wise policy to confront it, acted in accordance with the international standards and joined the international treaties signed in this regard. On behalf of the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Human Rights, Dr. Al Obeid Ahmed Al Obeid, Director of UN Human Rights Training and Documentation Center for the South-West Asia and the Arab Region delivered a speech in which he extended sincere regards to the UAE on the eve of the 40th national day. He thanked it for hosting this conference which enhances real partnership with the United Nations Higher Commission for Human Rights.