27 February 2014

Plan in place for trafficked victims

?The meeting also discussed the workflow and processes involved in setting up a fund for victims of human trafficking, which is a major initiative in supporting the victims and helping them meet the needs of their future,? added Dr Gargash.


Dr Gargash said the UAE appreciates all the ongoing efforts in fighting this crime, and is fully aware about the complex challenges facing the governments on this issue. ?The committee encourages all the entities concerned, the various departments and ministries, to organise training programmes to acquire necessary skills to combat these crimes.?


The 32nd meeting included a review of the implementation of previous meeting recommendations, and also discussed a letter from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime about its programme in Pakistan, and a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about participating in the Regional programme on Rights of Trafficked Individuals.


The committee reviewed the workflow in the UAE Annual Report on Combating Human Trafficking 2013-2014, which highlights the important steps taken by the state in fighting these crimes, and the process of collection of information and data from authorities concerned to release the report within a specific timeframe.