26 November 2017

NCCHT presents latest human rights developments


The latest developments included the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Dubai Police and the Ewa?a Shelters for Victims of Human Trafficking, which aims to provide the best levels of support and care for the victims of this crime. Visiting officials from the US State Department also reviewed the country?s efforts to combat human trafficking.

During the meeting, the efforts of concerned national authorities to expand national and international cooperation with transparency were praised. The establishment of a specialised team for human trafficking cases in all public prosecution offices, based on the recommendations of the previous NCCHT meeting was also commended.

The creation of these teams will improve the relevant capabilities and expertise of prosecutors, which will have a positive impact on seeking justice, said Al Jarman.

The committee also heard the latest developments, and the requirements to strengthen its partnership with the private sector, through the rehabilitation and training of its employees, as well as its efforts to launch awareness campaigns to reach the largest number of people, especially potential victims.

It added that the private sector is a key and vital partner in combatting this crime and complementing the efforts of specialised parties, while there is a real opportunity to benefit from the best case practices, as well as to share knowledge and experiences.

At the end of the meeting, Al Jarman praised the efforts of the committee?s members and national institutions to combat trafficking, while praising the UAE?s distinguished efforts to address human trafficking.