22 April 2018

National Commission To Combat Human Trafficking convenes under Gargash


Initiating the meeting, Dr. Gargash welcomed the new commission members and Aman (Safety) Centre for Women and Children in Ras el-Khaimah, noting that the Commission since its establishment has been playing a significant role in bolstering joint action with various anti-human trafficking agencies.

The meeting occasioned a review of the UAE 3rd National Human Rights Report submitted to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on January 22nd which drew the acclaim of all participating countries.

Gargash lauded the rapid response shown by the UAE General Prosecution to the proposal fielded by the Commission for establishing a task force dedicated to investigating into human trafficking cases.

“Such a team is likely to add strength to the mechanism used by the General Prosecution to address such critical cases by utilising the available expertise in a way that reflects positively on the enactment of justice,” said Gargash.

The commission also reviewed the MoUs signed by the UAE with different world countries to counter this kind of crime, with the minister calling for further bolstering collaboration with other nations to ensure efficient exchange of knowledge and expertise.

The Commission’s General Secretariat, during the meeting, addressed the programmes to be implemented by departments concerned to underpin the commission’s plan of action. These programmes are based on five components: prevention and prohibition, prosecution and punishment, protection and support of victims of human trafficking, and the promotion of international cooperation, all in line with the UN Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons.

The conveners called for completing the comprehensive media campaigns conducted during the period from 2010 through 2016, using hoardings at airports nationwide, which have had a positive impact on boosting public awareness against the dangers of such a kind of crimes.

The minister hailed the efforts exerted by various state departments concerned with fighting human trafficking, commending the pioneering stature held by the UAE as a global role model for combatting trafficking in persons. (WAM)