15 April 2013

MoI discusses cooperation with Turkmenistan

During the meeting, the two parties discussed a number of topics of mutual interest and ways to enhance cooperation and coordination between the two sides in the fight against human trafficking, particularly of women and children.


They also exchanged ideas and discussed expertise in the field of human trafficking victims? identification and sharing security information. The Turkmenistan delegation was briefed on the considerable efforts exerted by the UAE?s Ministry of Interior to combat such crimes and to highlight the UAE role in combating human trafficking crimes. Furthermore, the delegation watched a presentation showcasing the efforts and strategy of the Ministry of Interior in combating human trafficking nationwide.


On the same note, Brigadier Ahmed Nukhairah indicated that the Ministry of Interior?s efforts in combating human trafficking crimes are highly praised and well appreciated by the international community and human rights organizations.

?The Ministry of Interior and its various entities have implemented several initiatives at the local, regional and international levels to combat human trafficking and support victims?, he pointed out.


Brigadier Nukhairah underscored the ministry?s keenness to promote international cooperation and coordination with international organisations, governmental and non-governmental organizations and international bodies to help eradicate human trafficking and support victims.

The meeting was attended by Colonel Mohammed Ali Al Shehhi, head of the local coordination division at the human rights department, a number of the Ministry of Interior?s officers as well as the members of the delegation of the International Organisation for Migration in the Republic of Turkmenistan.