05 May 2010

Life sentence for the last member of human trafficking ring

The Court found that the accused lured the women to the UAE on the promises of job opportunities. However, once they were in the Country he beat and forced them into prostitution.

The convicted was the last one to be arrested from 13 Syrian members ring persecuted early this year in the same case. However, he was outside the UAE and was sentenced in absentia. Once arrested, the same Court revoked its previous judgment and a new judgment with the same sentence was ordered again.

The 13 men arranged employment visas for the women, welcomed them at the airport and provided them with accommodation in villas. Then the women had their passport confiscated, taken captives, beaten, starved and forced into prostitution.

One woman managed to escape and led the police to other captive women. The police caught some of the members as they locked a number of women in a flat.

A week later, two other women escaped and aided by other people they reported the ring to the police, who arrested more accused in another flat. Another member of the ring was caught at the airport.

Police investigations led to another villa, which was raided after a warrant was obtained from the prosecution. There, more captive women were found.

The ring members pleaded guilty to facilitating prostitution and luring women into the Country on the promises of highly paid job opportunities, threatening and forcing them into prostitution.