13 May 2017

Lecture on the Dangers of Human Trafficking at Umm Al-Quwain Police

This initiative came as part of the Ministry of Interior?s and Umm Al-Quwain Police GHQ?s commitment to join efforts to fight human trafficking and increase public awareness on the dangers associated with such crime.

Colonel Hameed Matar Bin Ojail, Manager of the Criminal Investigations Department, Umm Al-Quwain GHQ, presented the lecture, attended by staff from local and federal entities.

He said that the Ministry of Interior spares no effort in fighting trafficking crimes. He added that this crime is now considered one of the biggest challenges in human rights, and is one of the most dangerous forms of organized crime that undermines the security and stability of many countries worldwide.

He further stressed the need to increase awareness and protection campaigns being one of the main tools to bolster efforts to combat these atrocious crimes.