28 February 2012

Latest criminal methods in human trafficking networks discussed in a Workshop

?This first workshop,? as Col. Lt. Al- Shehhi explained, ?is held for committee members involved in field work. It aims at sharing views about the most important work procedures and techniques and best practices to be followed and applied to reach the best results. The workshop also discussed common flaws of field work and how to deal with them.?

A l-Shehhi also affirmed the importance of improving certain procedures that facilitate access to all required information and statistics concerning human trafficking cases. He also stressed the importance of circulating the criminal bulletin of trafficking crimes. ?This is particularly important in exchanging information about traffickers.?

On the other hand, Dr. Sultan Al-Jamal illustrated the details of certain trafficking reports recorded in 2011 to discuss them and exchange views about the procedures taken by judicial impoundment officials in these reports.