15 June 2012

Human trafficking ring busted in Dubai

The suspect sold the victim to another woman whose job was to send the girls, who were thus brought to the UAE, to brothels. She collected Dh40,000 from the buyer and left the country the next day.
Colonel Abdul Raheem bin Shafee, Director of the Anti-Organised Crime Department, said the police received information that an East European woman was being locked up in a flat located behind a bank and that she was being forced into prostitution.

Major Wisam bin Darai, Head of the Anti-Human Trafficking Department, said the police teams worked for days to find the whereabouts of the victim to rescue her without endangering her life.
The victim told the police that a European woman who met her in her home country offered her ?a good job? at a five-star hotel. She agreed because she needed money badly.
When she arrived in Dubai, she met another woman who took away her passport and forced her into prostitution. When she resisted, that woman took her to another woman who locked her up in the flat till she was rescued by the police.

Maj Bin Darai said the police found out all locations where the victim had been kept and arrested the woman who forced her into prostitution and the woman who locked her up. The police also tracked down and arrested the prime suspect who bought the victim for Dh40,000 from the suspect who brought her to the country and left the next day.
The police arrested the prime suspect from a parking lot and seized Dh300,000 found in her possession, in addition to other currencies which were hidden in her flat. She confessed that the entire money was earned from prostitution.
After rescuing the woman victim, the police alerted the human rights department in her country. The victim was referred to the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children.