26 June 2010

Human trafficking ring arrested red-handed in Abu Dhabi

The suspects were also charged with having and selling pornographic movie CDs and alcohols as well as using commercial activity as a cover for their involvement in prostitution.

An official from the Public Persecution in Abu Dhabi confirmed that they demanded the harshest punishment for the suspects in line with the UAE policy of promoting human rights and protecting victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking crimes.

The suspects formed a criminal ring to bring women from Asian country. They promised victims with jobs as beauticians and massage workers. However, they were confiscating the victims? passports once in the Country and threatening them to agree to work in prostitution. They used a restaurant as well as antiques and gifts shop to operate and disguise their real criminal business and to house the victim.

The suspects as well as the victims were arrested red-handed in the restaurant and the shop. Passports of the victims in addition to a large stock of alcohols and pornographic CDs for sale were also found.

When interrogated, the suspected confessed that they forced their victims to work in prostitution after recruiting them as beauticians from abroad on promise of salaries up to Dh 6,000. They obtained work permits and visas for their victims and confiscated their passports once in the Country. The victims were imprisoned in a house operated by the ring and forced under threat to serve the clients of their criminal business.

The Public Persecution demanded life imprisonments and deportation for the suspects as per the provisions of the Human Trafficking Federal Law No. 51 of 2006.