20 October 2015

Human Rights report follow-up committee holds its 15th meeting

The Committee reviewed the steps taken by the competent authorities in the country to implement and follow up on these recommendations, in preparation for the country’s third national report on the universal periodic review, which will be presented to the Council at the end of 2016.

The Standing Committee to follow up the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on Human Rights was established on 21 March 2010, in accordance with Cabinet resolution No. 51/4w/2 of 2010. The Cabinet tasked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with chairing the Committee. The Committee includes a number of federal and local governmental entities and civil society organizations in the UAE.

The Committee?s Terms of Reference:

1. To follow up the UAE?s Universal Periodical Reviews (UPR) and all human rights issues related to the UPR before the UN Human Rights Council or any other relevant body.
2. To develop and oversee the implementation of the national plan for follow-up to the UAE?s voluntary pledges and the recommendations issued by the Human Rights Council as part of the UPR, and submit the plan to the Cabinet for approval.
3. To prepare the reports required by the Human Rights Council for the UPR.
4. To study the legislation and regulations in the UAE which are relevant to human rights and submit such proposals for amendments to the Cabinet as the Committee may think appropriate in this regard.
5. To cooperate with federal and local authorities to develop a plan to raise awareness of human rights issues, in order to realize its objectives and promote a national plan to implement the recommendations of the UPR.
6. The committee shall, in order to fulfil its mandate, coordinate with governmental entities and other related bodies to secure the necessary information and data.