Integrated Services That Empower

Ewaa’s approach is to ensure that any person who has experienced violence receives the necessary support to reintegrate into society.

This approach for all stages of healing and empowerment has earned Ewaa the recognition as one of the leading social sector organizations in the UAE, especially towards supporting victims of human trafficking.

Our services directly benefit people who carry the burden of violence, and we also learn from our experiences to improve mechanisms and advocate policies to reduce violence in our society.

In line with the UAE’s efforts on the global front to reduce violence, we are guided by this commitment to uphold human dignity and humanitarian values.

Our Services

We support people from all walks of life, and at every step of their journey towards healing and empowerment based on their unique case.

Broadly, our services cover:


All members of the community can contribute to stopping violence by reporting cases of violence or human trafficking on the hotline 800 SAVE (800 7283) where these reports maintain confidentiality of the caller’s identity.


Ewaa provides a safe haven for all victims, ensures the enhancement of their security and safety, and provides them with all means of care and psychological and social rehabilitation during their stay in the shelters, in accordance with the admission criteria in the center.

Social Support & Rehabilitation

Ewaa is keen to provide appropriate and integrated services to the beneficiaries through the provision of social rehabilitation programs and economic support in the family, marital, behavioral, and educational fields, in accordance with the admission criteria in the center.

Psychological Support

Ewaa offers individual and group therapy sessions designed to meet the needs of the beneficiaries to find appropriate solutions to their issues and disorders. We also support them to be able to adapt to the circumstances surrounding them and deal with the changes that may occur in their lives and reach mental wellbeing.

Family Counselling & Guidance

Ewaa is keen to provide guidance and direction to victims of domestic violence at the marital, behavioral, and educational levels, and offers its services to solve their problems amicably whenever possible, provided by specialists while ensuring confidentiality and privacy.

Consultation & Legal Support:

Ewaa provides free legal advice for all matters and issues related to violence and human trafficking and assists beneficiaries in the stages of collecting inferences and investigations, securing the right to defend them, and informing them of their rights and duties in coordination with the concerned authorities.

Our Principles


Our doors are open to anyone who has experienced a form of violence regardless of ethnicity, culture, level of education and socio-economic background. We facilitate communication with individuals regardless of their spoken language by providing interpreters and staff who speak several languages.

24x7 Availability

We understand certain cases, especially high-risk ones, require immediate assistance. Our hotline 800 SAVE (800 7283) is open 24/7. We understand for a vulnerable person this call – at any time of day or night – can be a life-saving call.


At Ewaa, any person who has experienced violence is treated equally and with respect and compassion. As a humanitarian organization, our services are open and accessible to all, regardless of their age, ability or disability, race, gender, or ethnicity.

Data Driven

On our part, we use our data to make informed decisions to improve our services and programs so we can better support people who have experienced violence and help build a violence-free society.

Further, at a statistical level, our data also contributes to the UAE’s efforts in cooperation with relevant authorities to inform broader policy mandates and develop national level violence prevention programs and initiatives.

Humanitarian values

The UAE has been at the forefront of providing humanitarian efforts globally and has over several decades stayed committed to the vision and values of the country’s leadership and its founding father H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Ewaa follows the same national spirit to ease suffering and help rehabilitate people and build the society one person at a time.


We are dedicated to providing the optimum level of care and support for each person based on his/her case. Each case is unique, and our approach is to ensure each service is effective, equitable and timely.


At Ewaa, we believe in adapting our work processes when required to find real solutions in line with our values and keeping the person’s well-being at the core of our decision making.


A person who has experienced violence is already in a place of vulnerability and feeling safe is important to begin the healing process. At Ewaa, safety is part of the way we work with each person whether providing physical safety or an emotionally safe space for healing. Safety protocols are also applied in our procedures related to case management.