We, at the Abu Dhabi Center for Sheltering and Humanitarian Care – Ewaa, recognize violence affects victims, their families, and all members of society.

To tackle this cycle of violence, we have launched several initiatives over the years focusing on prevention and empowerment through education and training.

We believe in raising awareness among society members and select stakeholders so each individual can in turn positively influence their own families and communities.

Join us on our fight against violence by supporting and/or participating in our initiatives.

The program is a partnership with higher education institutions to enroll students to raise awareness to tackle the cycle of violence. Students are selected according to specific criteria and trained on various aspects of violence prevention as well as abuse and human trafficking issues. The program builds awareness and increases capacity in the community as university students become ambassadors in the field of violence prevention.

The initiative aims to empower victims of violence and abuse. Through education and supportive interventions, victims are empowered psychologically, socially, and legally. They learn about policies related to violence and abuse as well as skills related to self-protection, self-defense, healthy lifestyle, and financial management among others. Through the initiative, victims of violence can protect themselves and face future challenges.