30 December 2013

Gargash honors organizers of combat human trafficking campaign

The campaign also clarified the legal aspects, including the harsh punishments, related to the crime against humanity.

?The co-ordination between national bodies in the UAE contributed significantly to the success of the campaign. The location for the campaign, the Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest in the world, ensured the campaign message reached a large number of residents and visitors to the United Arab Emirates,? said HE Dr. Anwar Gargash.

?The UAE is committed to carry out its responsibilities toward the international community by reducing the risk of human trafficking. Our efforts are supported by international organizations. We focus on the adoption of best international practices, and ensure their application based on five strategic pillars: prevention, prosecution, punishment, protection and promotion (of international cooperation),? added HE Dr. Anwar Gargash.

During the event held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai, HE Dr. Gargash honored the Interior Ministry, General Headquarters of Dubai Police, Dubai Airports and the team of the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking.

National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking has organized awareness campaigns at Abu Dhabi and Al Ain international airports in earlier years, aimed at raising awareness about this crime among residents and visitors and definite tools in order to address human trafficking in the UAE.