28 October 2012

FNC issues a statement on EU Parliament resolution on UAE human rights

 ”The prejudiced, harmful resolution to the UAE stances towards the discussed issues in such a harry manner underlines the lack of objectivity on the part of the established EU institution which was apparently fallen under the influence of certain elements that have their own agenda seeking to mar the long-standing historic bonds between the EU and the GCC countries, in general, and the UAE, in particular.
”The UAE achievements in the past four decades stand testimony to its respect for human rights for both its nationals and non-nationals. High development rates have also drawn commendation from all.
”The issues tackled by the resolution including rights of women and foreign workforce, human trafficking, and domestic helpers, have been receiving full attention of the State. The UAE women have enjoyed their rights to education, public job and political participation. The foreign workforce has been provided with favourite conditions through proper housing, fair wages and human working environment. The FNC has debated the domestic helpers law in its previous term.
”Regarding human trafficking, the UAE has presented before international relevant organizations reports that elicited continuous appreciation. As for UAE detainees, the State has committed to leave the critical issue to the justice which will administer its ruling without interference from any one and undoubtedly in line with principles of justice and transparency.


”The UAE leadership and people will not hesitate in defending their just stances and protecting rights of citizens. The UAE will go ahead with its plans for development so as to build a modern state that takes the lead in all fields, a state that is based on principles of religion, traditions, heritage and cherished political legacy left by the founding fathers led by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.”