15 January 2012

Ewa?a takes part in a Malaysian Workshop about Trafficking Victims

Participants also discussed the procedural relationship framing cooperation with supporting administrative bodies, including security authorities, courts, prosecution authorities, and relevant social centers.
Sarah Shuhail stressed the importance of such participation so as to follow up with global best practices and to get closer to the major challenges in the field and the best solutions to cope with them. ?The UAE is so keen to support regional and international efforts against human trafficking.?
In addition, an in-depth discussion was held about the standards of human trafficking, and how there is an intermingling between the concepts of human trafficking and human smuggling which is widespread in many European countries. Participants also illustrated how human trafficking involves women and children, and even men, highlighting the way all these victims get abused physically and mentally. The workshop recommended that laws and legislations should be updated and modified in cooperation with all relevant entities to ensure fairness and relief to the victim, and to take criminals to court.
The event featured the presence of more than 100 participants representing different countries.