06 June 2011

Ewaa participates in a workshop about a social violence in Kuwait

 The UAE was among the first countries in the world to enforce national legislations and sign international agreements to combat human trafficking. The delegates praised the advanced standing of the UAE internationally in protecting the victims, reliving their suffering, and safeguarding their dignity. They moreover appreciated the effective cooperation among relevant authorities in the UAE, which dramatically changed the UAE ranking to be among the leading countries driving international efforts to combat the crime of human trafficking. Other delegated made presentations about the efforts made by the countries they came from.

 May Kadkwi, Protection Chief Assistant at the UNHCR?s office in Abu Dhabi, presented a paper on ?Human Trafficking Crime and Methods of Protection.? She explained reasons behind the increasing levels of human trafficking, adding that the crime was a result for family disintegration which led individual to crimes and disrupted social stability. 


 The workshop ended with some recommendations, including the need to reinforce national legislations related to violence against women and children. Attendants highlighted also the need to increase protection measures and to ramp up educational programs targeting the problem.