04 July 2022

Ewaa meets with UNHCR, explores collaboration opportunities

The Abu Dhabi Centre for Sheltering and Humanitarian Care -Ewaa, an affiliate of the Department of Community Development, has received representatives from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The meeting discussed Ewaa’s expanded mandate and its provided services for violence and abuse cases in Abu Dhabi. Both parties used the opportunity to explore untapped potential for capacity building, streamlining aftercare procedures, and facilitating resettlement of human trafficking cases when needed.

Elimination of violence against women has been discussed, among other shared priorities. While Ewaa reported higher levels of victimisation among women compared to other segments, UNHCR highlighted the significant increase of violence against women since the COVID-19 outbreak. Specialised training programmes and joint workshops on human trafficking and violence against women have been considered for future endeavours.

“Ewaa has a long history of cooperation with UNHCR that lasted for more than a decade. We have worked together on various human trafficking cases over the years to ensure resettlement, if required, following provision of care and rehabilitation services at Ewaa,” said Sarah Shuhail, Director-General of Ewaa.

“Tapping on a wide network of partners by exchanging knowledge is one of our main strategic goals that seek providing rehabilitation and empowerment services in line with the highest global standards,”she explained.