14 October 2019

Ewaa is to Boost Cooperation with Crime Security Police


Sarah Shuhail, Executive Director of Ewaa, welcomed the delegation to the meeting and discussed the key topics raised by the Directorate, most notably the analytical statistics-based number of cases involving women and children referred to Ewaa and Abu Dhabi Police GHQ by the Public Prosecution and competent court.

Furthermore, the meeting touched upon prospects of cooperation and coordination in combating human trafficking and providing care to victims.

Ewaa suggested to offer Ewaa employees the opportunity to benefit from the Directorate?s training plans, programs and workshops ? a proposal warmly welcomed by the Directorate, affirming coordination between the two parties regarding 2020 plans and programs. The parties looked into ways of expertise sharing through exchanging relevant reports, information and legal studies by Ewaa, the UN and other relevant organizations? reports.

The meeting was concluded by the Directorate?s delegation highly appreciating Ewaa?s efforts, and looking forward for further cooperation and communication. (Al-Ittihad newspaper)