21 November 2022

Ewaa: Flashbacks of 700+ empowerment stories mark new mandate anniversary

Centre fields nearly 900 calls during last 12 months


The Abu Dhabi Center for Sheltering and Humanitarian Care –Ewaa, an affiliate of the Department of Community Development, announced providing its prevention, care and empowerment services for more than 740 violence and abuse and human trafficking cases. Since establishment, the total number of Ewaa’s beneficiaries amounted to more than 1000 beneficiaries.

The announcement came days after the second anniversary of Abu Dhabi Executive Council’s resolution on expanding Ewaa’s mandate to handle cases of violence and abuse in Abu Dhabi, as well as human trafficking cases in the UAE.


900 calls

Among its 10 main services, reporting has played an integral role in Ewaa’s growth. Ewaa’s hotline800 SAVE (800 7283) fielded about 900 calls over the past 12months, and most inquiries were related to provided services, support for violence cases, how to receive a safe shelter, aids, and humanitarian care.

Currently, main services are reporting, referral, social support and rehabilitation, psychological support, consultation and legal support, family consultation, social services, sheltering, research, and community contributions management.

Consultation and legal support service is provided to the highest share of beneficiaries, due to legal issues that most violence cases go through and absence of legal awareness that leads to rights’ violation.

All services ensure confidentiality using the latest case management systems.



Ewaa’s services are provided seamlessly in collaboration with a comprehensive network and through fruitful partnerships.

Most prominent partnerships lately were law enforcement agencies, for their role in referring cases and facilitating solutions for legal issues, such as loss of identification documents, legal defence and translation.

A memorandum of understanding was signed with the National Health Insurance Company –Daman, to provide enhanced health insurance services to Ewaa’s beneficiaries. The agreement paves way for exploring further collaboration opportunities.

As Ewaa receives more children, the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA)has recently contributed to its endeavours with guidance and knowledge-sharing,while the Center worked on allocating a new shelter for children, in line with the highest international standards.For months, ECA ensured that the building creates a safe environment for children as they prosper and engage in care and rehabilitation activities.

At the beginning of the year, Ewaa collaborated with the Monitoring and Innovation Sector at the Department of Community Development, to develop and launch a survey to identify the causes of domestic violence and patterns of abusive behavior. Results will lead the Center’s endeavours towards evidence-based enhancements.

It works closely with Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO), during provision of services for people of determination, especially during psychological assessment.

Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Community Development, Authority of Social Contribution –Ma’an, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, and many other entities, come together to streamline the Center’s operations and respond to each case’s needs.