07 October 2020

“Ewaa” and “Social Support” discuss ways to provide support for violence victims

Headed by Sarah Shuhail, Director General of Abu Dhabi Shelter and Humanitarian Care Center (Ewaa), and in the presence of Brig.  Saeed Al Kaabi, Director of Abu Dhabi Police Social Support Department, a joint meeting was held to introduce Resolution No. 118 of 2020 released last July, under which violence and abuse, including domestic and all other forms of violence, were added to the mandate of Abu Dhabi Shelter and Humanitarian Care Center “Ewaa”. Coordination of referring cases from social support centers to “Ewaa” was also discussed during the meeting.

The two parties discussed a mechanism for referring abuse and violence cases between social support centers and Ewaa. If the problem could not be resolved amicably by Social Support Department, and in case the subject desires to join Ewaa Center, the move is coordinated between the two sides. Also, it was agreed that cases coming from abroad will be referred by the social support center to Ewaa, if deemed appropriate. Additionally, Ewaa may, at its discretion, refer specific cases to a social support center. The mechanism of such referral has been discussed and agreed by the two sides and was included in the MoA concluded between Ewaa Center and the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police.