02 September 2013

Dubai sees decrease in human trafficking cases

Talking about the age group of the human trafficking victims for the current year, Al Mazeina said the age of six victims is above 26, while that of three victims is between 18 and 26 and one victim is less than 18 years of age.
Al Mazeina said this year no cases have been reported on forcible work, slavery, organ trading or any kind of exploitation.

The number of suspected human traffickers had reached 31 in 2012, as compared to 19 in 2013.
Al Mazeina said the police provided material support to 23 victims in 2012.
He explained that there is no child labour or slavery in the UAE,  that such reports are baseless and that the human rights department of the Dubai Police takes a proactive approach in addressing the crime of trafficking.

He said that human traffickers in the UAE exploit mostly people who are new to the country.
The Dubai Police is actively involved in tracking and detecting methods used in trafficking and exerts efforts to monitor this crime by writing reports about it in coordination with National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking.

He said that officials find it difficult to differentiate between those who are forced into prostitution and those who do it by choice. Also the centre provides  assistance to victims.

He explained that the UAE has signed temporary worker contracts and is discussing laws on domestic workers drafted to preserve rights of workers and employers as well.