13 February 2017

Dubai Police Organises Training Course in ?Juridical Persons? Responsibility in Human Trafficking Crimes?


The inauguration ceremony was attended by Colonel Dr. Sultan Abdul Hameed Al Jammal, Manager of the Dubai Police?s Human Trafficking Control Centre (HTCC), and the training provider Counselor Dr. Adel Majed, Deputy Chief Justice of the Court of Cassation in Egypt and Human Trafficking Expert.

In a speech delivered during the inauguration of the course, which is organized by the HTCC, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior?s National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, Colonel Bin Mehairoom stressed the importance of the training subject in investigating the legal perspective of judicial persons? responsibility in human trafficking crimes.

He also highlighted the big efforts of supreme leaders of police forces nationwide in fighting human trafficking. These efforts include organizing courses, programs, and workshops that aim to develop the capabilities of anti-trafficking staff in order to fight this crime which is alien to the UAE society, and is rejected by all religious and humanitarian norms, even before the existence of any international law.

For his part, Colonel Dr. Sultan Abdul Hameed Al Jammal said that the UAE has become one of the leading countries in fighting human trafficking, and now has the first federal anti-trafficking committee. The UAE was also first to issue anti-trafficking law and has Ewaa shelters which help protect victims and provide them with all the support they need.

He added that the anti-trafficking diploma is the first of its kind to be given nationally and regionally. The diploma handles trafficking crimes scientifically and jurisdictionally in all respects, including the humanitarian one, by sponsoring the victims. Colonel Al Jammal pointed out that all efforts are directed towards fighting human trafficking and developing the employees in order to fight this crime by organizing courses, programs, and workshops.