25 April 2016

Dubai Police Holds Seminar on the 1st Anniversary of Amending Human Trafficking Law

Representatives from Police General Headquarters in the UAE, Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, Community Development Authority, Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal Professionals, Ewa’a Shelters for victims of human trafficking, Dubai Courts, Dubai Public Prosecution, and the Emirates Association for Human Rights also took part in the seminar and discussed the new amendments made to the human trafficking law.
The UAE is considered the first Arab country to issue anti-trafficking law where the provisions and regulations are consistent with the international laws and legislations, and conform to the scope of work of local anti-trafficking institutions.

Dr. Saeed Mohammed Al Ghafli, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, commended the seminar and stressed its importance as it brought together top officials and human trafficking legislators in the UAE.

For his part, Lt. Colonel Dr. Sultan Al-Jamal welcomed the participants on behalf of Dubai Police. He stressed that the UAE has proactively foreseen the atrocities associated with human trafficking and the accompanying devastating impacts on the society.

UAE judges and legislators have also made valuable contributions during the seminar, in which they stressed that the law has passed through an extensive examination of the subject issue nationwide and worldwide. They added that this law is considered a breakthrough for the UAE that aims to improve the legislative setting and preserve human rights.