19 October 2015

DFWAC launches official page on Just Giving web site

She added that support and care for victims of violence and trafficking of women and children is not just a humanitarian duty, but is also a necessity, “to maintain the stability of our society and protect it from all forms of violence, as the cycle of violence will continue and expand from father to children and from the children to their children in the future, and also from the children to their friends, until the abuse is stopped and the victims are rehabilitated.”

Al Basti pointed out that DFWAC has recently increased the number of its online donation channels to help victims of violence and trafficking of women and children who benefit from its services within the UAE, after the launch of its official page on the “Just Giving “platform, a UK-based global online social platform for giving which aims to raise funds for humanitarian causes.

The Director General of DFWAC said that the new platform allows people who want to provide support for victims of violence in a single framework, whether directly or through contributing in a fund raising campaign.
She added that this step will open the way for millions of individuals and entities involved in the “Just Giving” platform around the world, and those interested in collecting donations to serve the humanitarian and social issues, to learn about the foundation’s efforts to shelter and care for victims of violence, and to support its various projects.
Al Basti explained that anyone can donate to the foundation, or contribute via the fund-raising campaigns to support victims of violence and human trafficking, in just a few minutes and with a few simple steps, by visiting DFWAC?s page, and then sharing these campaigns across social media.

She added that people also can donate to support the foundation’s efforts in caring for victims of violence through the website of the foundation or through Emirates Charity Gate of the Department of Islamic Affairs in Dubai site or by downloading the Emirates Charity Mobile App.
She also assured that collecting donations by DFWAC is under the full supervision of the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities.