31 July 2018

DFWAC launches new phase of its awareness campaign on human trafficking


The campaign is conducted in cooperation with the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking and several entities in the public and private sectors, including Nakheel. It has been launched on 30th July in conjunction with the UN World Day against Trafficking in Persons, which attracts a wide participation on social media using the hashtag, #EndHumanTrafficking.


This year?s campaign focusses on educating the employees of Dragon Mart 1 and 2. In cooperation with Nakheel, the DFWAC distributed thousands of awareness leaflets in various regions, continuing to raise awareness among the domestic workers, in collaboration with the concerned authorities. During the previous phases of the campaign, 38,000 awareness leaflets were distributed on the definition of human trafficking, the precautionary measures, and the contact numbers of the aid providers. They were prepared in clear, easy and direct language in Arabic, English, Bengali, Russian, Indonesian, Filipino, Chinese, Amharic, Hindi, and Urdu.

The distribution included all the 53 recruitment and employment offices of domestic workers in Dubai and the agents of these offices in the source countries ? Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Ethiopia ? in addition to beauty salons and shops.

Ten lectures were held on the prevention of human trafficking, including six lectures in salons and shops, and four special lectures for victims of this crime. The foundation was keen to educate the most vulnerable groups by raising awareness on social media and radio broadcasts in more than one language through a number of radio stations.

Afra Al Basti, Director-General of the DFWAC, said that the foundation?s commitment to launching this campaign stems from the fact that it is not only a shelter for the victims of human trafficking and violence but also a comprehensive social organisation aimed primarily at preventing this crime through public awareness.

She added that the foundation is working together with various bodies under the umbrella of the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking. She further called on all the members of the UAE community to contribute to the fight against this crime by raising awareness, reporting this crime to the concerned authorities, and helping the victims by calling the DFWAC?s 800111 helpline or other agencies. /WAM