07 September 2020

DCD Discusses Cooperation with Saudi Institutions


DCD delegation was headed by Dr. Mughir Khamis Al Kheili, Head of DCD, and included several social sector general managers and executive officers.

“We always look forward to exchanging knowledge and cooperating with local and international institutions for the best interest of our people, and designing developmental programs related to housing and social development schemes, which constitute a basic social sector element “, Dr. Al Kheili noted.

On the sidelines of the series of meetings held with HRH Princess Lamia’ bint Majid Al So’od, General Secretary of Al Walid Philanthropies, the most remarkable developmental housing projects were highlighted, along with the hospitality project under which eligible women are received and qualified to help them play a productive role in their communities.

DCD also shed light on Abu Dhabi Shelter and Humanitarian Care Centre (EWAA); which provides care, shelter and health and psychological care to victims of human trafficking, domestic abuse and all forms of violence. The presentation discussed the multiple roles of EWAA including provision of care and qualification to victims of violence, e.g. providing shelter, designing and implementing specific qualification programs to re-integrate them in their communities and homelands, and developing a mechanism to follow them up after leaving the shelters in coordination with concerned authorities.