08 December 2014

Conference on human trafficking in Dubai on December 9-10

?The UAE was the first in the Arab region to issue a federal law for combating human trafficking, which is UAE Federal Law No 51 of 2006, and also the first Arab country to create a specialised centre to combat human trafficking.? He said.


He said that they have invited private and public institutions and companies from the UAE as well as many international organisations such as the International Labour Organsiation and the International Organisation for Migration. ?Approximately 50-60 per cent of the people attending are owners of recruitment agencies.? he noted. Around 180 people are expected to attend the conference.


Maher Hamad Al Obaid, Undersecretary of Inspection at the Ministry of Labour, said the conference is a preventive measure, as human trafficking is not a phenomenon in the UAE.  ?We do not want it to become a phenomenon and that is why the UAE takes such initiatives.? He said.


He added that they are hoping that the conference results in specific recommendations, adding that this will also be a chance to benefit from others? experiences in best practices to combat human trafficking, especially among workers.


The role of government in guiding recruiting agencies and mediation agencies and the role of recruiting and mediation agencies in curbing human trafficking crimes are some of the topics that will be discussed at the conference, in addition to presenting local and international experiences in combating human trafficking crimes.