13 December 2011

Regional workshop discuss international anti-human trafficking efforts

He referred to the international efforts made to combat and eliminate the problem through issuing of conventions and a series of counter prevention and protection measures. Cooperation and information sharing are among the most effective measures to fight this evil, he further indicated.

The UAE has realized at an early stage the seriousness of this crime. Therefore, it adopted a wise policy to confront it, acted in accordance with the international standards and joined the international treaties signed in this regard. On behalf of the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Human Rights, Dr. Al Obeid Ahmed Al Obeid, Director of UN Human Rights Training and Documentation Center for the South-West Asia and the Arab Region delivered a speech in which he extended sincere regards to the UAE on the eve of the 40th national day. He thanked it for hosting this conference which enhances real partnership with the United Nations Higher Commission for Human Rights.

12 December 2011

Course on combatting human trafficking at Dubai police

This defines it as: ?The recruiting, transporting, moving or receiving persons by means of threat, use of force or by any other means of coercion, kidnap, fraud, deceit, abuse of power, exploiting a condition of weakness, offering or receiving money or advantages to secure consent of a person who is in control of power for the purpose of exploitation.?

He stressed that the UAE became the first Arab country to enact a law against human trafficking in addition to the efforts taking by Dubai Police to develop and formulate a joint Arab strategy to combat the crime.

12 December 2011

UAE NCCHT create database on human trafficking cases

The Committee reviewed also the report of the UAE embassy in Vienne on the meeting of The Group of Friends against Human Trafficking.
Members welcomed the election of the UAE to the membership of the Group and considered the move another achievement added the Country?s record in the field of human trafficking.

16 November 2011

UAE Human Rights Association received a US delegation

The SG told the guests that human trafficking in the UAE compared to other countries is a problem but not a phenomenon. He added that the recent increased number of human trafficking cases has been in fact a result of more active role played by law enforcing authorities against culprits as well as the increased awareness about the problem in the local society. 

02 November 2011

UAE a role model in fighting human trafficking

Gargash. Dr. Gargash said that ?government and the committee are working on modifications to the 2006 law? and that conducted concrete changes have been primarily approved by the council of ministers, and they are underway to be issued?. For his part, C. de Baca said the UAE had achieved a lot in the field of human rights and in combating human trafficking. “The UAE rank has improved from two under monitoring to number two which is a great achievement,” said the ambassador. In 2009, C. de Baca was appointed by President Barack Obama to coordinate US government activities in the global fight against modern slavery.

07 October 2011

AED 1 Million to EWAA from Islamic Affairs

 During her meeting with Dr. Hamdan Musalam, Chairman of GAIAE, Sara Shuhail, the executive director of the Ewaa shelters, praised this support to EWAA?s shelters, which contributes to stability of the society. Dr. Musalam expressed his appreciation of the efforts made by Ewaa shelters to protect, support and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.
28 September 2011

The UAE fully committed to the global efforts in countering human trafficking

H.H Said that ?The UAE was the first country in the region to take the initiative of enacting a comprehensive law against human trafficking. It has issued a federal decree in 2006, aimed at countering human trafficking through protecting the communities affected with this horrible crime.?? In recent years it also issued a number of legislations aimed at regulating the recruitment and outsourcing of employment, maintaining the full rights of labourers, fighting all acts of human trafficking, prosecuting individuals involved in it, and ensuring the protection and support for all people affected based on commitments approved in related bilateral and international agreements, which have been signed in order to curb this scourge.? He added.

H.H Sheikh Abdllah Bin Zayed reminded that ?in 2009, the UAE joined the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress, and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially women and children. It also announced in 2010 its full support to the United Nations global plan to combat human trafficking through offering annual donations to the Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children.?
?The UAE constitution guarantees equal rights for both men and women, where women enjoy the same legal status, preserving their own family names and titles, the right to education, and the right of employment, as their male counterparts. The UAE Constitution prohibits any discrimination between women and men in salaries.? He said adding that ?the UAE further joined a number of international conventions on human rights, including the Convention on Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which was signed in 2004. Based on the above reasoning. The UAE sees the importance of supporting international efforts in the field of women’s empowerment. In this context we would like to commend proudly the establishment of the United Nations for Women (UN-WOMEN), and we declare extending a contribution of USD5 million to this newly established organ.?

His highness added that ?the UAE supports international efforts to promote human rights that guarantee all peoples in the world the right to enjoy the freedom to live in peace with security and prosperity. The UAE also believes in the importance of economic development and prosperity for the people of the world enabling them to enjoy their human rights, which the international community has worked vigorously to establish. Therefore, the role played by the UAE in the field of international development, along with its long-standing commitment to eradicate poverty in the world, is at the heart of its foreign policy.

02 August 2011

Training on ?common errors? in combating human trafficking at Dubai police

Fifty officers from different police departments around the country attended the course held at the Dubai Police Club. The Human Trafficking Control Centre at Dubai Police organized the course in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior.

Dr. Sultan Abdul Hamid Al Jamal, director of the centre, said that the aim of the course was to give those involved in the field skills that will enable them to deal professionally with this type of crime. He pointed out that the authorities are making more arrests in such cases as a result of the effectiveness of measures taken to combat the crimes and the increasing awareness about the danger of human trafficking crimes and the need to disclose them.

06 June 2011

Ewaa participates in a workshop about a social violence in Kuwait

 The UAE was among the first countries in the world to enforce national legislations and sign international agreements to combat human trafficking. The delegates praised the advanced standing of the UAE internationally in protecting the victims, reliving their suffering, and safeguarding their dignity. They moreover appreciated the effective cooperation among relevant authorities in the UAE, which dramatically changed the UAE ranking to be among the leading countries driving international efforts to combat the crime of human trafficking. Other delegated made presentations about the efforts made by the countries they came from.

 May Kadkwi, Protection Chief Assistant at the UNHCR?s office in Abu Dhabi, presented a paper on ?Human Trafficking Crime and Methods of Protection.? She explained reasons behind the increasing levels of human trafficking, adding that the crime was a result for family disintegration which led individual to crimes and disrupted social stability. 


 The workshop ended with some recommendations, including the need to reinforce national legislations related to violence against women and children. Attendants highlighted also the need to increase protection measures and to ramp up educational programs targeting the problem.

05 June 2011

Music arts foundation donates Dh400,000

“I passionately support the vital causes that Ewa’a strives for, the Abu Dhabi Festival has been a proud partner of this organisation, which strives to make a difference in our community.? said Hoda Al Khamis Kanoo, Founder and Artistic Director of Abu Dhabi Festival.
?This donation reflects the Festival’s commitment to enable community groups across the UAE, and we hope that it can make a difference to the lives of some of these women and children.? She added.
?Since Ewa’a was founded, we have helped over 147 victims. Currently, we have a total of 20 victims in all three shelters, including eight children from five to 18 years’ old? said Sarah Shuhail, executive director of Ewa’a shelters. ?Many of the victims are women who were promised employment but when they arrive in Abu Dhabi, their passports are confiscated and they are forced either into prostitution or if they work as housemaids, their households are abusive so they come to us for shelter.Some are also referred to us by various sources, including the police, churches, hospitals, and embassies,” added Sarah Shuhail.