17 December 2017

“Brainstorming” to set the Child After-Care

Shuhail also underlined the maximum priority of Child Protection Law (Wadeema), whose articles stipulate the treatment of numerous misconducts and misbehaviors that go against the community’s customs and traditions. It aims to help children, the first nucleus of the community, grow in a proper and fit environment.

Such a statement was given on the sidelines of the “Brainstorming” workshop held in Abu Dhabi, in the presence of the members of the Child After-Care Standing Committee and a group of specialized academics and media figures. The workshop aimed at identifying the Committee’s roles and initiatives, and pinpointing the major challenges it may encounter. Many of the participants highlighted the necessity of setting regulations, and mechanisms of relationship with strategic partners and the types of powers the committee needs to fulfill its objectives. The participants shared their most relevant experiences in their respective sectors