12 March 2017

Anti-Trafficking Diploma Program Launched



The program features a field visit to Dubai Foundation For Women and Children, a lecture on drafting reports on national and international human trafficking, the best mechanism to respond to international reports on trafficking, and exploring investigation and interview techniques in human trafficking. In addition, a working group will be set up in the program to discuss sample trafficking cases.

Brigadier General Mohammed Abdullah Al-Morr, General Manager of GDHR, said that this diploma is a highly specialized professional program which is the first of its kind nationally and regionally, noting that it focuses on the scientific handling of human trafficking crimes. It is also a new scientific program with a complete course plan that deals with every aspect of that kind of crimes, including the humanitarian aspect of fostering victims.

Al-Morr has also pointed that the program will be delivered to 34 students representing different police departments in the UAE, human rights societies, shelters, and governmental departments.

He also pointed out that the program aims to develop the professional capabilities of anti-trafficking personnel, illustrate national and international laws, charters and agreements on human trafficking, and help trainees acquire the best research and investigation skills in the field. The program also aims to provide the trainees with the scientific background and all the necessary skills they will need to deal with victims of human trafficking. Trainees will also get acquainted with the best models and practices applied nationally and internationally in combating human trafficking crimes.