27 January 2019

ADJD: We have an excellent record in combating human trafficking crimes


This statement was made during a visit by a delegation from the Kingdom of Morocco headed by Amina Oufroukhi, Head of the Judicial Cooperation Department at the Specialized Public Prosecution Office. The delegation was briefed on the UAE’s experience in combating human trafficking crimes, and met with Dr. Salah Al-Junaibi, Director of Corporate Communication & International Cooperation Bureau at ADJD; Prosecutor Hassan Al Hammadi, Director of the Prosecutions Department, at Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution, and a host of prosecution officials.

In an extensive presentation on the Department’s efforts in combating human trafficking, Prosecutor Hassan Al Hammadi explained that these diverse efforts are part of an integrated plan that involves participation in the National Committee for Combatting Human Trafficking (NCCHT) and other international forums, and sponsoring the 2nd and 3rd World Conferences on Combatting Human Trafficking, in France. These efforts also include the founding of the Department of Human Rights and Combatting Human Trafficking, and the signing of an MoU between the Judicial Department and Ewaa Shelter for Victims of Human Trafficking.

The Moroccan delegation praised the distinguished experience of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department in combating human trafficking crimes, and stressed the need for regional and international cooperation among parliamentary, judicial and human rights bodies in this regard, explaining that human trafficking crimes are considered some of the most serious cross-border crimes. According to the delegation, such crimes require collaboration and exchange of knowledge and expertise towards reaching the best practices in this regard. /WAM