17 July 2013

ADJD & EWAA to develop human trafficking database

EWAA Shelters is keen to increase cooperation with strategic partners to have good pool of qualified human resources who will fight human trafficking and provide victims with necessary care with main focus on educating them about their legal rights, she said.

The memorandum of understanding covers the creation of human trafficking database and regular reporting in addition to the coordination with respect to DNA parenting tests and the provision of legal consultation to victims by Abu Dhabi Judicial Department personnel.

The agreement will be important addition to EWAA?s efforts with respect to effective measure of victim rehabilitation and assimilation with their communities in their homelands. ADJD has committed to accelerate the settlement of human trafficking cases by referring such cases to specialized judges and court within the Department. During investigations, victims will be treated as plaintiffs not defendants until the contrary is proved. Moreover, ADJD?s Legal Aid Office and Human Right Office will offer victims with the required legal assistance before prosecutors and courts.

The two parties have also agreed to develop and implement new programs and initiatives through a bilateral specialized committee that will be established by the ADJD Undersecretary to lead the execution of the memorandum of understanding.