16 July 2020

Abu Dhabi Executive Council issues Resolution to establish Abu Dhabi Shelter and Humanitarian Care Centre, affiliated with DCD

The new centre will replace Ewa?a Shelter for Women and Children. It was established as a legal entity to provide care and safe shelter and health and psychological care for victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and all forms of violence.

It will also rehabilitate and provide care for victims of violence, including securing them proper shelter and refuge, developing and implementing programmes to rehabilitate and reintegrate them in the society or in their home countries and putting follow-up protocol in place for after they leave the shelter, in cooperation and coordination with competent authorities.

The centre will meet the needs of victims of violence, protecting their rights, providing necessary counselling, assisting them in all stages of investigations into their cases, and securing their rights for defence, and informing them of their rights and responsibilities.

The new organisation will also be tasked to develop awareness programmes aimed at deterring and preventing human trafficking crimes and all types of abuse and violence in coordination with relevant entities. /WAM