21 May 2018

4 Pak men jailed in UAE for major human trafficking case


Presiding Judge Mahmoud Abkar sent the four Pakistanis to jail for one year each followed by deportation.

They were accused of forcing 14 physically challenged people into begging.

The anti-human trafficking team of Sharjah Police arrested the gang members after they received an information that the suspects had brought 35 Pakistani men and women to the UAE and were forcing them to beg.

During the raid, police discovered that the 35 victims, who had been brought to the UAE from Pakistan to beg, were kept in inhumane conditions, the report said.

The case, considered to be first he first of its kind in the UAE, was filed against the suspects in accordance with to UAE’s anti-human trafficking law.

Police investigations revealed that the head of the gang had brought the people of determination from different parts of Pakistan for forcing them into begging in the UAE.